Life on the farm

The sweetest thing.

Once in a blue moon, something unexpected crosses your path, that makes your heart stop in the very best kind of way.

While driving through the vegetable farms of Groblersdal on our photographic road trip this summer, a string of baby Shetland ponies stepped into our path.

Little nodding head after little nodding head, they just kept coming.

Heads bowed, quietly getting on with the business of getting to the other side.

Forcing us to stop, turn our engines off, take a breath, and fill up with awe and wonder. Dear, dear, darling little ponies. About forty of them.

Sometimes it’s good to stop and hug the ponies, or smell the roses, or the coffee, the lavender, or whatever it is that fills you up.

To have a good year, be sure to get off the hamster wheel, when you need to.

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