Life on the farm

Ride on, Denham!


February is high season for cycling – and the two-wheeler warriors are out there. Have you noticed the bold and the brave on the roads, on their bikes, training for some big cycle event in the Cape?  Have you seen them toiling up hills that would challenge most able-bodied cars? Did it make you feel a little guilty that you’ve never even walked up that hill, let alone attempted to conquer it on a bicycle?

Hats off to the two-wheeled warriors, who brave the wind and the rain and the sun, and who get going before we’re even out of our beds. Respect to the cycle lords and ladies, who face the world in pointy helmets and tight spandex, no matter how much – or how little – flesh lies beneath.

Are they bothered that some of us think they’re a little crazy? Of course not. Because they have passion. They’re taking on those hills for the same reason climbers take on mountains: Because they’re there.

Hats off to the two-wheeled warriors.

Who are these pedallers of such passion, perseverance and grit? Well, one of them is Denham, a farmer from Limpopo Province, who grows some of our top quality vegetables.

Denham’s up at dawn, when he starts his day by training on the roads near his farm. Then he’s back on the land, making sure his carrots and broccoli are in good shape, and fit to feed South Africa.

Keep up the good work, Denham. Stay in the saddle, and more power to your pedals.


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