Life made simple

Drinks at your place. Quick, what's to eat?

Do you do pop-ins? Seriously, do you?

The Queen Mother never did. Mostly, the super-posh and the ceremonially inclined don’t. Those uppity folk, up on the hill, they don’t. The butler would never allow it.

But pop-ins are a rather lovely summer pastime, because when the sun is high in the sky and the wind blows people you love down your garden path, unannounced, it feels good to know you have friends who don’t mind at all whether they can see their faces in your stove top, or whether socks and towels are neatly in their place, put away, etcetera.

Because all they really want is to see is you. And that’s wonderful, isn’t it?

Keep a bottle on ice, and remember to have a packet of nachos and some cheese on hand. Or try Cupcake Richard’s take on baked fries and pea puree. As easy as falling off a log.

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