Life made simple

Balanced living. Here's how it's done.

We know, it’s easier said than done. But when the sparkly feeling that 1 January invokes starts to fade, when work and life and routine kicks in, here’s a list of ideas to keep body and soul together.

1. Eat right. More veg and fruit, less meat.

2. Drink water – 2L a day, if you can.

3. Read a novel. Try reading at least 10 pages before bed. Reading for pleasure is a stress reliever and it really removes you from the craziness of everyday drama. (Try to make it a real book, not a book on a tablet – or you might feel tempted to read emails and social channels instead. You know the story.)

4. Go for a walk every day. Or a run. Half an hour of cardio and fresh air every day is a great stress buster.Moving takes your mind off trivia – and gets endorphins flowing. Helps keep your perspective in a good place.

5. Call a friend or a relative every day – or message them. Make it someone who you know is socially isolated or in need of a catch-up. You’ll feel good and so will they. If you can’t commit to a call a day, make it an hour every Sunday, or a day that works for you.

You’ll have lots to
look forward to.

6. Practice sleep hygiene. Try to go to bed at the same time every night. Say no to screen time after 8 or 9pm. Have a bath. (If you’re not in Cape Town!) Listen to chilled music. Read your book.

7. Light a candle at dinner time. Honour the meal, and the company.

8. Pay bills the minute they arrive. Lose the niggly feeling that procrastination causes.

9. When you’re frayed at the edges and things stress you out, don’t lose your cool. Count to 20. Take a deep breath in. Keep a perspective. Ask yourself, does it really really really matter?

10. Get out the year planner in January. See those public holidays? Plan long weekend getaways in advance. You’ll have lots to look forward to.

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