Life made simple

The crowd has departed. What now?

When the festive mayhem starts to evaporate, what’ll you do?

What will you do when the crowds have all gone home. And it’s back to school and careers, gym and lunchboxes.

What will you do when there are no more must-do’s or must-buy’s? When your last house guests have waved goodbye, and you’ve shaken the sand out of your shoes or cracked the mud off your trekking boots?

What’ll you do when you’ve had enough of having one too many …. / ….. / …. / …../ or …. / (fill in the blanks).

You will enjoy the silence. The peace. You’ll hear yourself think.

You will love the return to everydaysville. Your morning walk, your evening standstill in the garden. A long sitdown, in your favourite chair, to get through 30 pages of your novel, without any interruptions, before bedtime.

You will enjoy the silence. You’ll hear yourself think.


You’ll be grateful for the occasional wave at your neighbour over the fence. Knowing there’s someone on the other side is a nice feeling too.

You’ll love having exactly what you feel like, for supper. And not having to make excuses for saying no to cake and sweet things.

You’ll adore being able to crack open a new diary or notebook. The smell of fresh paper, and the promise of all those blank pages to fill as you wish.

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