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Celebrate small. Love small. Stay small.


Staying small. We love the thought of this – found in a piece titled ‘The Minimalist Mindset’ – by blogger Michael Ofei of The Minimalist Vegan.

There’s so much beauty in small. Celebrate it.
When you’re small, you can go deep with what you already have.
When you’re small, you’re more nimble, agile and responsive to change.
When you’re small, you have less responsibilities and commitments which frees you up to have richer experiences with less pressure.
When you’re small, you’re limited by constraints, which creates opportunities to innovate and have breakthroughs.
When you’re small, you can take more risks.
Small is beautiful.
When you’re big on the other hand, you have more dead weight and can’t move as quickly as you would like.

Small is beautiful.

When you’re big, you have to make more decisions.
When you’re big, you have less opportunity to change.
When you’re big, you have more to lose.
So next time you desire a bigger house, a bigger flat screen TV, or a bigger pay cheque, think about how powerful it is to be small.
Being small and staying small is an art. It involves fighting social pressures and advertising to maintain your liberty. It means being content with less. It also means being confident in what you already have. This is the minimalist mindset.

Several case studies show how people who have mastered the art of small, and being satisfied with less, are much better because of it – and living a healthier, unencumbered, less pressurised life.

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