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Cleaning, clearing and making space for a whole new 2018.


It’s time for a big clean-up – to tidy up, clear out and start again.

What’s not to love about the New Year? It’s new – and new is good, right? Fresh starts and clean slates are great.

However, there’s one thing no one loves about a new year, and that’s the January financial ‘hangover’ after the December holiday spending.

The partying, the extra treats, and the gifts. The costs of travelling, if you’re leaving home for a holiday away, or just the extra shopping you do for entertaining visitors. No matter how careful you are, by early January so many of us are broke. There’s SO much month left at the end of the money.

So this month, instead of acquiring more stuff, instead of ‘getting’, try some ‘getting rid of’. For a real clean slate start to 2018, try clearing the decks at home, and getting more organised. If you didn’t do a de-clutter or a clean out last spring, now’s the time.

Do it before you’re back at work, before the month really gets going and life gets back to its normal craziness.

If you have a home office or study or work area, empty out the drawers, shelves, files and boxes. Be ruthless in discarding old

What’s not to love
about the New Year?

objects and documents you don’t need. Label your newly purged drawers, shelves and files. Fill them only with the things that you really need to work efficiently.

And what are all those cables for? Sort out your cables and home office or study appliances and technology. Sort your chargers and cords into boxes. Pack the least-used ones in bottom drawers or higher top shelves. Untangle the tangle of wires and give everything a good clean with a packet of wipes.

Unclutter your desk or workspace. Do you really need everything that’s sitting there? If not, shelve it or bin it.

Neatening up your work or study space is one task that won’t cost a cent. No, it won’t make your bank balance any bigger, although it could if the things you don’t need anymore can be sold online – or if it puts you in a more productive frame of mind. The aim is to start the year feeling organised and ready for anything. You’ll be so glad you did.

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