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Make a NEW New Year’s Resolution.


New Year’s resolutions can be fun. This year, don’t make the same old new year promises to yourself.  Make some interesting new ones – the kind that are actually fun to stick to and will turn you into a more interesting person.

How about, this year, I will:

1. Visit new places I’ve never been to. It could be another country, or another city in your own country, or just another town that’s a short drive away – somewhere you’ve never been.

2. Learn a new technical skill every month. You still can’t wire a plug or change a car tyre? You’ve never learned how to sand and repaint a table, because someone else usually does it for you? Give yourself a list of Things I Will Learn to DO Myself – and do them. Start with smallish and easy, like a simple home DIY task, and build your way up. By December, you’ll be building a yacht in your back yard.

3. Ditch the same old rituals.  Or change them and start new ones. “We always have breakfast at Coffee Shop X on a Saturday

Resolve to be different.

morning.”  Full marks for consistency. Now try a new place, or a new time, or stop being so clubby and invite a new person to the table.

4. Wear something I swore I’d never wear. Whether it’s bright florals because you thought you weren’t a bright florals person, sunglasses that say you’re a friend of Elton John, or a hat that’s a real statement.

5. Change one thing at home that people will notice and say : Wow – that’s different. Paint a wall or a room a colour you love (but are a little afraid of).  Frame an old picture in a completely unexpected way. Pull up an old carpet and discover a new floor underneath. Paint that too. Surprise yourself, and everyone else too.

Resolve to be different. Surprising is a great way to be.

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