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Road trip hacks for cool travelling.


Staying chilled is a thing, in December. The road to your holiday destination can be a long and hot one. So here are a few hacks for keeping cool and refreshed on your road trip.

Icy water for the road is great, so before your trip, lay a half full plastic bottle of water on its side in the freezer. Make sure it’s freezer-safe, with a tight seal.  Just before you head off in the car, fill the rest of the bottle with fridge-chilled water. Add lemon if you like.  Hours later you’ll still have ice-cold water in the car.

Cool bananas are the best bananas, because no one likes warm fruit, right? So pack several bottles of icy water in with your fruit and other padkos snacks, and they’ll be chilled too.

Perfect refreshment for the long, hot road ahead.

Want iced coffee to go? The night before you hit the road, make a plunger or pot of coffee, and add milk (if that’s how you like it.) When the coffee cools, freeze half of it in ice cube trays, and chill the rest in the fridge. Before you leave home, fill a flask with the coffee and the iced coffee cubes. Perfect refreshment for the long, hot road ahead.

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