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Wake up and smell the beauty of waking up early.


Early risers have the edge. Some of us are natural crack-of-dawn humans. Others groan when the alarm goes off, and we smack that snooze button. We don’t want to wake up. It’s hard. How do the early birds do it? How do they get out of bed in the chilly dark of a winter morning, and go jogging, or to gym, or they do their meditation, or just head off to work earlier to get more stuff done?

Well, it’s summer now, and the sun’s up before most of us are, so how about giving the early morning thing a try? The benefits are great.

“But if I get up an hour earlier, I’ll be tired later on,” you insist.

Maybe, but your tiredness will send you to bed earlier, which means you’ll get enough sleep, and the next day it will be easier to wake up early. You’re just re-setting your system.

“But I’m just not a morning person.”

Well, that’s a think you’ll start to un-think, once you begin to appreciate the benefits.

So what are they?

For the early riser, it’s quieter. We forget the beauty of silence, because most of it happens when we’re asleep. Getting up an hour earlier will let you savour the quiet time before the rush.

You’ll get more mood-enhancing daylight hours. If you get up earlier and get outside, go for a walk or have coffee on a patio, you’ll probably enjoy more sunlight, which you won’t get much of if you spend 8 or 9 hours in an office all day. The Vitamin D really is a mood lifter.

The Vitamin D really is
a mood lifter.

You’ll get a head start. An hour extra in your morning gives you time to prepare, mentally as well as physically, for the day ahead. That’s a quite big load of stress off you, and you’ll have a calmer day.

The early hour is for YOU. There’s no guilt. This magic quiet time is all yours, and you’ll love the freedom that comes with having no-one to call or email, no one to answer to or nag about getting ready on time. You decide what you do with this hour.

You can plan ahead for the day. If you do want to use this time to get more organised, you can send and reply to personal emails or text messages, do online banking, shopping or reservations. Get your personal admin done, so that your working day is all about work, with no other distractions. A tip: Don’t spend all this lovely morning time on social media. The hour will be swallowed up as you get sucked into post after post.

Create an early bird timetable, if you like being organised. You don’t need to do the same thing every day. Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays can be fresh air and exercise mornings. On the other mornings, you can write a journal, or do your meditation.

If you’re daunted by the thought of getting up an hour earlier, you could try getting up 10 minutes earlier every week, until voila! – you’re an early bird.

See how easy that was?

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