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Foraging. If it’s out there, it could be your lunch.


Back when we were hunter gatherers, the hunting part resulted in fresh meat. And the gathering ? Well that often came from foraging – for fresh berries and other fruit, roots, herbs, mushrooms, truffles, seeds and nuts. The world was one great big fresh food section and (surprise surprise) it still is, if you know where to look.

Foraging is the new cool thing to do.

You might also find mushrooms and nasturtium flowers for your salads.

Why is it popular?

For a start, it’s free. Those packaged herbs you buy are expensive. And have you seen the price of pine nuts? So why not pop down to your local forest, if you have one, and collect pine nuts out of pinecones. Yes, they’re in there.

Also, when you use foraged plants, you know they’re natural and ‘clean’. Wild food is a great way to have more control over what you eat, especially if you’re suspicious of using anything that may have been sprayed with pesticides or grown with chemical fertilizers.

Have a look at the website of Karen Stephenson, a master naturalist and wild food educator, who shows and tells us how to forage like a pro.

Foraging is the new
cool thing to do.

Edible weeds, flowers and wild herbs are probably right under your nose, she says. They’re literally in your backyard, or in fields and forests you see every day. Forage for these goodies and use them to increase your nutritional intake of totally natural ingredients.

Stephenson’s book, Winter Survival Food, shows foragers how to find food in the winter time, with valuable information on how to survive on wild edibles during the winter months.

The book includes info on plant identification, harvesting and preserving your foraged food, health benefits, plus photos and recipe ideas.

Local guy Ashley Moss, who’s the head chef at the Hohenort’s Greenhouse Restaurant, is a big fan of foraging and has used kelp, seaweed and dune spinach – ( yes, there’s Popeye’s favourite on those Cape dunes) in his unique dishes. Have a look at his Instagram feed which showcases some very impressive local ingredients.

We think you’ll be inspired to go out there and root out some truffles. Go forth and gather!


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