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Take me to the beach.


Are you thinking of taking off for a summer beach holiday in December? If you are, best you start planning now. That’s the best thing about holidays – the planning part. And in South Africa there are so many summer holiday choices.

Of course, in summer, it has to be beaches, right? Okay, if you don’t like the December buzz, head for the bush. But we love a summer beach.

The world has some fine beaches that are waiting for your feet to sink into their sands. They’re on tropical islands in the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean. They’re in Indonesia, California, and Brazil. They’re in Mexico, Australia and on the Mediterranean. Put the beaches of any of those locations on your bucket list and you’ll be heaven while you’re still alive.

To whet your appetite, and for a taste of the world’s most alluring beaches, have a look at photographer Gray Malin’s beautiful website.

Malin did a photographic study of aerial views of beaches all over the world – including South Africa. Little secret: he told our editor he fell in love with St James beach (close to Muizenberg in the Cape).

So plan your beach
holiday now.

So plan your beach holiday now. South Africa has so many to choose from, and the great plus is that outside of the peak December holiday season, our beaches are pretty sparsely populated. In fact some are totally footprint-free, if you know where to look.

Here are some of the best – and better known ones.

But others on our coast are just as magical. Port St Johns, Kenton on Sea, Kasouga, (Eastern Cape) Wilderness, Plettenberg Bay, Buffelsbaai, Nahoon (East London), Sardinia Bay (Port Elizabeth) and Paternoster (W Cape).

Start your summer beach holiday getaway plan now.

Find your bucket list beach – and go there.


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