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Smells like spring spirit.


If you could bottle a smell, what would it be?

“Her perfume reminded me of freshly picked flowers and sticky candyfloss, mixed with a gentle hint of debauchery.”

  –  Michael Faudet

The flowers and blossoms have all burst into life, so let’s talk fragrances.

We asked our in-house fragrance expert: Why are the most traditional, most romantic women’s perfumes all flowery and fruity?

She replied: “My theory is that since ancient times, the scent of a woman is the smell of spring and summer, the time when fertility is celebrated, when love and romance are in the air. Those flowery seasons are also that time when we expose more of ourselves – and look and feel sexier.“

So that explains that. Seems legit.

And men, what should they smell of?

“Well,” she replied. “A man should smell of the forest, of course, which in old times was where all the guys hung out. Or rather, where they worked. A man would come home smelling of leaves and wood and saddle leather.”

A man should smell
of the forest, of course.

“This was a clear indication that the chap in question had been out on his horse, doing traditional guy-things like hunting wild boar or antelope – for the pot of course. This was in old times, when there were no supermarkets.”

We like her explanation.

“Personally though,” she continued, “I like a man who smells like braai smoke. It means lunch is about to be taken care of. And if he comes indoors bringing with him the wonderful smell of cut grass, this means he’s just mowed the lawn. Irresistible.”

What are your favourite smells? Clean linen? Fresh bread? Baby soap? New car?

If they bottled those, we’d buy. Would you?

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