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Howzit my braai.


When asked what they miss most about the country, South Africans living abroad always list something close to the hearts of everyone: the braai. And especially the boerewors.

“There’s something very special about a braai,” says a homesick Saffer, now living in Canada. “The spicy aroma of real, delicious South African boerewors can bring tears to your eyes, smoke or no smoke – but that’s only if you can get your hands on some wors over here and throw it over the coals.”

Now that spring is here, it’s regular braai time again and we think this year, it’s time to try something new on the braai.

How about some inspiration from a guy who’s truly adventurous with wors?

Josh de Kock  (@weeklywors on Instagram) is a Capetonian braai and wors lover who is using his creativity to produce some wonderfully different types of wors, incorporating the most unexpected ingredients.

He’s made some truly unique wors recipes.

There’s something very
special about a braai.

There’s steak and mushroom wors and crispy chinese duck wors. There’s a wors recipe that uses bontebok meat, brandy and coke.  There’s even a recipe for rabbit and prune wors. (Really.)

“I started making my own wors last year when I bought a wors maker online,” says Josh, “And now I invent a new sausage every week.”

Full marks for imagination, Josh.

Here’s his recipe for Pork, Cider, Apple and Rosemary Wors.

But if you’re not brave enough to make your own wors from scratch, how about this for dessert at your next braai?

Apple Tarte Tatin. On the braai? Yes – it’s wonderful.

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