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This spring, make the birds love you.


Having birds in your garden is what makes gardening so worthwhile. The nicest gardens attract lots of birds, and in South Africa, there are so many bird species that love spending time in our gardens. It’s really quite easy to attract the birds and the butterflies, too. Feeding them and giving them water is the easiest way.

Why feed birds? Because life for birds isn’t that easy. They’re up before dawn every day, finding food, seven days a week. And besides, we humans are encroaching on their habitat by removing vegetation, so think of it as payback, and a way to get some prettiness into your garden.

In the drier months, water is important to birds, so a birdbath will make you a very popular human. Whatever size you choose, make sure the edges of the birdbath slope gently towards the middle. Refresh the water regularly especially in drier months when other sources of water are scarce.

If you’re having problems attracting birds to your bath, you could place a bird feeder a few feet away. This should bring them closer. And a bird feeder is a great attraction, whether you have a birdbath or not.


The nicest gardens are the ones that attract birds.

Birdfeeders come in many shapes and sizes, and you should choose one suitable for the birds in your area. The birds in your garden will probably appreciate seeing a variety of different feeders around the garden, at different heights, with different types of food in them, in quiet spots.

What to feed birds?

Remember, birds cannot eat many of the foods we eat. Bread has no nutritional value and mouldy bread can be harmful. Chocolate is a definite no-no. Stick to seeds, berries, fruit, flower nectar, nuts, and seeds. Find a good bird feed mix at your pet shop, and see if you have any takers – we hope you do. Good luck! For more details on attracting birds, try this IOL Home & Garden page.


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