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Spring cleaning is for good karma.


Spring cleaning. You either love it or hate it. Those of us who love it say it’s a great opportunity to clear the clutter once a year.

Shedding unnecessary things is good for our psyche and soul, say the spiritual gurus. And we think it also just makes a lot of common sense.

It’s easy to toss out things that are broken or worn beyond repair. But what do you do with your old but still usable items that just aren’t being used by you or anyone else in the family?

The T-shirts that never get worn, simply because you have so many. The shoes you don’t wear because they’re just a little too tight. The salad bowl you don’t use because have 4 others that you prefer?

Think of the shelves of paperbacks and other books that you’ll never read, and need to go to make space for newer ones. Toys, blankets, and bedding you no longer need. So many of these things that are taking up space – and so many charities and organisations that will be delighted to take them off your hands.

Do it now and score
some karmic credit.

If you live in one of the major centres, here are just some that will probably have a drop off location not too far from you.

Spring clening isn’t something you want to delay till late Summer. Do it now – you’ll feel glad you did.

The Salvation Army (Nationwide)

The Haven Night Shelter Cape Town

Help The Rural Child (Nationwide) For all clothes and household goods.

Charity Stores in Gauteng

The Ark KZN

Another helpful page, especially for Johannesburg donations


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