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Keeping calm. How on earth is that possible, when you look at the calendar and see it’s September already? You know what that means. Yes, the rest of the year will be a blur. Before you know it, we’ll have year-end craziness to deal with.

September is when things get really busy. Everyone at school, college or university starts the final sprint to exams. And all of us have some project that needs to be completed before the holidays start. A renovation maybe? Holiday planning?

If you’re a regular human being, the craziness can take its toll. So, how to stay calm amidst the chaos? We have some advice from the wise people and the experts on de-stressing or avoiding getting into a spin.

Let’s start with meditation.

It’s an ancient practice that’s still used today. Meditation is religious in origin but practiced by both religious and non-religious people who swear by its power.

There are many different mediation techniques, so do your homework before you start, and find a technique that appeals to you.

So check out this link for more information about mediation.

How about natural calming herbs?

There are some good natural alternatives that are worth trying.

So, how to stay calm as the silly season approaches?


This link will give you more information on essential oils that could be the answer.

Want to feel chilled – without snoozing?

The problem with some remedies is that they work too well, and the treatment actually results in the need for a nap! If you can’t afford to do that, try these seven herbal remedies that won’t make you nod off. Check out this link.

Other useful techniques.

Moving is one of the best ways to stay calm, relaxed and happy. It produces endorphins – a.k.a. ‘happy hormones’ – and makes you feel physically and mentally strong. Take time out every day to go for a walk, jump on a bike, or whatever gets your heart racing. It works.

And here are some simple, easy relaxation techniques, including progressive muscle relaxation and visualisation – recommended by the Mayo Clinic.

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