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This Sunday: Make The Roast With The Most.


The jury is in – we have 100% agreement on the fact that when friends and family gather around on a lazy weekend, you can’t do better than a Sunday roast. And the more wintery the weather, and the bigger the table, and the more people there are around it, the more enjoyable the occasion.

Yep. Spring is in the air. But as long as the weather’s still mildly wintery, let’s enjoy the warmth of a Sunday roast again this coming weekend. This time with a little difference: a butternut and beetroot roast, a departure from regular roast potatoes and vegetables.

It’s true that we may be biased, but we do think that beets and butternut by Natures Garden is a really great idea for your next Sunday feast. It’s a symphony of colour in this deliciously sweet and satisfying mix of garden veg flavours.

Butternut and Beetroot Roast by Natures Garden is a really great idea for your next Sunday feast.

The flavours of these veggies blend together as other added ingredients in your stew, like onions and carrots, caramelise among the squash and beetroot.

Let it cook slowly, while your meat roasts – while you read the papers, and catch up on everyone’s news. It’s great with lamb or chicken, or just on its own, if you don’t eat meat.

Pair it with your favourite wine, and don’t forget the gravy!

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