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When Life Gives You Oranges and Lemons.


We may be at the end of winter, but there’s still a lot of delicious citrus in the fruit section at the supermarket. So if you haven’t had much of it this winter, then go get yourself some oranges. It could just be the most fun you can have for under R100, because there’s so much you can do with a lovely orange. Buy a big pocket of oranges. And when it runs out, buy another one.

Fun Things To Do With Citrus:

Squeeze your own orange juice. There’s really nothing you buy in a bottle or carton that matches the taste of the fresh stuff.

Make orange cake – an orange syrup cake is delicious. Try this Ina Paarman recipe.

Oranges make good décor. Just put them in a glass bowl – a big, round one or tall glass cylindrical one – they look cheerful, they smell amazing, and they last longer than flowers.

How about planting
a lemon tree?

Make a spiced orange pomander ball. Push the sharp end of as many cloves as you can fit into the skin of a whole orange. Make the holes with a toothpick, then push the cloves in.

How about planting a lemon tree? If you have a garden, you really should have a lemon tree. They’re incredibly hardy, easy to grow, and it’s really nice to be able to pick your own lemons.  Ever made your own lemon syrup – the kind you can buy at farm stalls? Well, once your garden starts giving you lemons, you’ll be making it.

Bottles of lemon syrup make great gifts. Make your own labels and your friends will think you’re Nigella meets Martha Stewart.

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