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Knitting is something your grandmother did, right? And your mom, too? And you – do you knit? Do you know how to knit? If knitting’s been a tradition in your family, don’t let it die – this would be awful! Imagine a world where everyone’s forgotten how to knit.

We cannot have that.

So if you can’t knit, how about learning? It’s never too late, and it’s NOT too hard. And winter, being inside time, is the perfect time to begin.

Start with something simple, like a scarf, a beanie, or simple blanket squares. Your first effort may be imperfect, but it WILL be rewarding.

Knitting’s a great winter handicraft, and you can do it while watching TV, chatting to friends or sitting in the passenger seat on a road trip. Also, all you need is yarn and needles.

Here are some basic beginner knitting guidelines:

All you need to get started is a ball of yarn and a pair of needles.
(4 – 5mm)

It’s never too late,
and it’s NOT too hard.

Start with medium sized needles and medium thickness yard. (Thick yarn goes with thicker needles, and thinner yarn with thinner needles.)

Start with wool rather than cotton yarn. It has more stretch, and so it’s easier to work with.

Begin by using plain stitch, then learn stocking stitch, which is one row plain, one row purl.

If you use a lighter coloured yarn, your stitches will be easier to see.

We won’t try and teach you how to knit ourselves, because other people have made some excellent tutorials on Youtube, so head over here for an easy beginners tutorial.


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