Life made Simple

Tis the season to end the madness. Give giving a whole new feel.


Let’s stop the madness, everyone. Let’s say no to expensive and shiny and pointless.

It’s coming up to that time. Oh yes. The festive season. Craziness is almost upon us, people.

If you groan inwardly at the thought of silly season insanity, your pain is real. Because Festive Season inward groaning is a thing.

Remember back in the day, when we were kids, carefree, debt-free and scabby kneed, and popping out of our skins at the prospect of those delirious holiday weeks in December?

Well, now we’re the grumpy grown ups. We’re the inward–groaners, dreading the mania of the malls, cussing and perspiring in the gridlock of holiday traffic, snarling over a parking bay, or the last turkey in the frozen section.

Bah humbug.

The worst part? Could it be the gift shopping? Yes. Those last minute panic-buys, where you grab something expensive and useless, because you just didn’t know what to get for your brother’s kid or your sister’s boyfriend. But hey, they’ll know it’s expensive and gadgety, so they’ll be delighted, right?

Let’s stop the madness, everyone. Let’s say no to expensive and shiny and pointless.

And the cunning way to stop doing that is to start a little earlier this year – and keep things simple.

Step One:
Find those big glass pickle and honey jars you’ve hoarded in a back cupboard.

Step Two:
Locate the fabric off-cuts and the used gift ribbon lurking in a kitchen drawer.

Step Three: Make some – or okay, buy some – choc chip cookies or brownies, and fill those glass jars with them.

Step Four: Add a ribbon and a fun label as a gift tag – and wow, look at that. You’re a genius.

Take Note: You don’t want to be the boring one who gives everyone the same gift. There’s a zillion jar-filler alternatives to choc chip cookies: crayons, golf balls, coffee pods, soaps, rusks, pesto, flavoured salt, dried herbs, nuts, fruity herbal teabags – even socks. Yes, research has shown that you WILL be forgiven for giving socks when they’re presented in a recycled pickle jar with a red ribbon. Try it and see.

You’re welcome.

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