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A beginner's guide to zero waste.


Want to aim for zero waste? (Yes you can!) Here’s a how-to guide that will help make your life less wasteful, from the basics like saying no to plastics and re-using shopping bags to clever composting. Article via Tiny Yellow Bungalow:

One question I get asked quite often, is how do I get started with a zero waste lifestyle? I’ve whipped up a beginner’s guide to zero waste to help those feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. From Mason jars to bamboo toothbrushes, I’ve got the basics of zero waste covered for you right here.

5 Things You Can Do Right Now Towards Zero Waste

1. Say No to Plastic Water Bottles.

2. Bring Your Own Coffee Mug.

3. Say No to Plastic Single Use Drinking Straws.

4. Bring Your Own Shopping Bags.

5. Eliminate Paper Towels, Choose to Reuse Dish Towels Instead. (This rule doesn’t apply in water-scarce areas, where paper napkins can help save H2O.)


Ok, you’ve got the basics. If you’re ready to dive further into zero waste, here are some more simple steps towards zero waste.

1. Switch to using a Bamboo Toothbrush instead of plastic disposable toothbrushes.

Let’s do this!

2. Start carrying your own Produce Bags at the grocery store, to eliminate single use plastic produce bags.

3. Use Soap Bars & Shampoo Bars instead of plastic bottled liquid soap.

4. Use a Handkerchief rather than disposable tissues.

5. Use Compostable Loofahs instead of sponges in the kitchen.


Are you ready to be a hardcore Zero Waster?! Let’s do this!

1. Start shopping the bulk bins at your grocery store using Reusable Bulk Bags and Mason jars.

2. Shop Secondhand, instead of purchasing new.

3. Begin Composting at your house (My all time fave zero waste switch!)

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