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Peas belong just about anywhere.


Love this pea story, shared with us by a friend.

Peas and I go back a long way.

As a kid, I loved peas, and most of them went straight into my mouth. But three-year-olds experiment, so one day, I put a pea in my ear. (In those pre-digital days, we made our own entertainment.)

The trapped item resulted in a visit to the nearest hospital, where I’m fairly sure I was in the company of other small people who had put food items in the wrong face hole.

“It’s not unusual,” said the young doctor to my mother, ”It happens every day. It’ll stop when digital devices are invented.”

“You see, Mom,” I cried, “It happens every day.”

“Maybe,” said the medic, “But from now on, you’re only allowed to stick your elbow in your ear.”


Being the youngest kid, I was teased mercilessly about the pea incident. But you know, I’m glad I put that legume in my ear. If I hadn’t, that day would have been just another day, and I’d have learned nothing.

That day taught me
a) that a pea should go in your mouth, nowhere else.
b) that it’s really hard to get your elbow into your ear.

While some experiments are a disaster, most are fun, and the result can be amazing. So go out there and try something different with your food.

And if you don’t want your life memory of peas to be that pile of little green balls next to the mash and gravy, try this with your next bag of peas.




4 cups Natures Garden Peas
1 cup mint
1 cup Parmesan
2 cloves garlic
black pepper
olive oil
lemon juice

Thaw 4 cups of Natures Garden Peas then blend with a cup of mint, a cup of parmesan cheese, 2 cloves of garlic and black pepper.

While blending, add olive oil till you get the right texture. Thin with lemon juice, if needed.

Great as a dip for fries and wedges, or with crostini – add ricotta and chopped fresh herbs or fried prosciutto.


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