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5 Plants and Flowers that will Help You Sleep Better.


Back by popular demand: What’s keeping you awake at night? With the right house plants around you, the answer should be: nothing. We’re re-posting this really helpful guide to getting a better night’s sleep without having to resort to other measures. (Thanks Elle Decoration.)

Sleep, or lack of, is a super common problem. But there’s a dead simple solution that can make you sleep better – plants.

We already know that how you decorate your room can have a major effect on how you sleep, and seeing as there’s no better time to bring the outside in, and here we look at the five house plants and flowers that will make catching those much-needed zzz’s even easier.


What it does: Humans need oxygen all day, every day in order to survive, but getting higher levels at night leads to even better sleep. Although most plants release oxygen during the day and rest at night, the snake plant releases oxygen all the time — even when you sleep.
How to care for it: This hardy plant can live in just about any type of light. Water it once every two weeks.


What it does: There’s a reason you’ll find lavender in laundry detergents and linen sprays: A number of studies over the years have found that the pretty purple flower might help you calm down and relax. A live lavender plant will give off a stronger scent than dried lavender (the stuff often found in sachets), so add one of the plants to your bedroom. That fresh, comforting scent will see you off to a peaceful night’s sleep.How to care for it: These guys need to live in bright light, so try placing a pot on a sunny windowsill. In the summer, it could even live outside on a porch, or whatever surface gets full sun.

What’s keeping you
awake at night?



What it does: This common houseplant is a natural air purifier, meaning it takes harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, airborne mould and other types of allergens and releases purified oxygen into the air. Keeping your air clean will help keep you healthier, which means a better sleep night after night.
How to care for it: The peace lily can handle low light, which means it’s perfect for a bedroom without big windows. Water it once a week, but if you keep the plant near a window or keep the heat on in the winter, consider watering it twice a week.


What it does: There’s no denying the gorgeous scent of this graceful white flower, and it turns out its lovely aroma has a sedative-like effect.
How to care for it: Plant newbies take note: Gardenia is a bit more difficult to care for. It needs bright, indirect sunlight. Its leaves will burn if it gets too much direct light!


What it does: Not only will this little flower look beautiful on your bedside table, its scent is a natural relaxer. Lower anxiety equals a more restful sleep.
How to care for it: A potted plant of Jasmine should be kept by a sunny window, but be sure not to over water it. You can even find it already potted at some garden centres.

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