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She Knows What to Expect on Mother's Day.


Life is all about mothers this week – and you know what will make your mom happy this Mother’s Day?
A Mothers Day card. A gorgeous big one, or even a small one. And some flowers, or chocolates. Or perfumed hand lotion and bath foam.

Just like every other year, she’ll be so darn delighted that you remembered, she won’t mind what you give her.

But why not do something that will make your mom go: “Oh look, my child has such imagination!”

How about a special Mother’s Day Sunday lunch, catered by you, at a table decorated by you – that’s all about her? A memory table, filled with happy reminders.

Start with her favourite colour as a theme, and her favourite flowers on the table. For place mats, find some special old photos of your mom and her young children– and enlarge them to make disposable paper placemats.

Fold some of the prints inside big drinking glasses, with a water-filled smaller glass inside it. Put a few flower stems in the smaller glass.

Start with her favourite colour as a theme, and her favourite flowers on the table.

Make some decorative Mothers Day crackers out of the same printed photographs. Inside, put notes from her children and grandchildren, and a special chocolate or a perfume sample. On each note, write down a special memory: “I remember the day I swallowed one of your earrings and you took me to the hospital for an X-Ray.”

Or paste the enlarged photographs onto the cover of a notebook.

Make a playlist of her favourite music and play it, then give her the compilation on a CD to take home.

Do any of the above – or all of the above – and you’ll have a very happy mom. Just remember, you’re setting the bar high, so keep it up every year. We know you can.


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