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I Can't Live With This Mess Anymore.


Living clutter-free is just the best. You’ve said that before, right.? We all have. There comes a point at which we can no longer live with our clutter.

So, how tidy are you? Are you bothered by a growing pile of old magazines in the corner, even if the rest of the room is neat as a pin?

That bowl on the table near the front door, filled with till slips, old pens, a few small batteries and some loose change : is that okay, or does it drive you crazy whenever you see it?

The stuff under the table: a dog leash, a frisbee, and a pair of shoes. Acceptable? Or a crime against chakra ?

Everyone has a different definition of what neat is, but there comes a point at which even the least fussy person has to admit: That’s clutter. It needs sorting out.

If you’re keen to banish clutter, you have to read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. (We insist.) It’s gained millions of converts to neatness.

It’s the Number One New York Times best-selling guide to
de-cluttering your home, by Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo. (Yes, there are cleaning consultants out there, and they’re making a good living out of teaching us, the tidiness-
challenged, how it’s done.)

There comes a point at which we can no longer live with
our clutter.

Fans say that her technique, called the KonMari Method, will help you eradicate clutter and enjoy life more in a tidy home. The benefit: peace, calm, and a motivated mindset, according to the author.

The KonMari Method for simplifying, organising, and storing is quite revolutionary apparently, and is one which means you won’t have to be continually de-cluttering every few weeks or months, as new clutter accumulates.

It’s a whole new level of tidying that apparently has lasting results. Simplify and organise your home once, says Kondo, and you won’t need to do it again.

One of her methods is determining which items in your house “spark joy” – and which don’t. The non-joy sparking items get the boot, or the boot sale.

Find out more on her website, and get cleaned up.


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