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How many bulbs does it take?


Because we’re all about growing things, we love gardens, even if they don’t grow veggies. We love everything that springs up and sprouts and blossoms and blooms – especially water-wise bulbs.  Autumn is a good time to plant bulbs, but which do you choose?

How about hyacinths, daffodils, tulips or lilies? There are so many varieties to choose from.

But if you’re being water-wise (always a good idea) then how about planting indigenous bulbs? The good news is, there are nearly 2000 South African bulbous plant species, and most of them are pretty easy to grow. The most popular are arum lilies, watsonia and agapanthus.

How about hyacinths, daffodils, tulips or lilies?

Pick the species you’d like to see in your garden – but try to stick with the ones that are hardier and easier to grow. Ask for advice at your garden centre.

Remember, if you live in a winter rainfall area choose winter-growing bulbs, likewise if you’re in a summer rainfall area. Also, take some expert advice and bulb information here.


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