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Why don’t you have a nice, big, deep warm bath this evening? Sink into the water, and when it cools, top it up from the hot tap?

Or maybe not. In fact, please don’t. It’s really not a good idea. Especially in the Western Cape, where water scarcity is critical.

Maybe it’s rained in your part of the world, and maybe your drought worries are over – for this year at least. Maybe it hasn’t rained yet, and you’re holding thumbs for some good, solid downpours.

One thing we all have in common is we’ve realised the importance of water, how precious it is, and the need to inculcate water conservation as part of life, because the population isn’t getting any smaller, and our water supplies are under more strain every year.

We’re probably all practising water conservation in some way, but here are some reminders. You really should be doing a lot of these: (They’re easy.)

Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth. Leaving it running while you brush or shave can easily waste 5 or 6 litres of water. That tap doesn’t need to gush while you brush. In fact, it’s totally possible to brush your teeth then rinse with half a cup of water.

Maybe it hasn’t rained yet, and you’re holding thumbs for some good, solid downpours.

Unless your laundry’s really soiled, use the shortest cycle on the washing machine. It can cut your water use in half.

Wash things less often. If it doesn’t look dirty, maybe you could wear it again before washing it? Teach children not to throw a once-used, still-pretty-clean towel in the laundry bin.

Don’t pull that plug! Leave your bathwater in the tub. Keep a bucket in the bathroom, (or in the shower) and use your grey water for flushing and watering plants. You can even use your grey water to clean floors and to wash your car.

Put a brick in your cistern so it uses less water. Whatever it takes.


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