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It's Easter - get cracking.


This weekend, decorating eggs is a thing. Remember a few posts back, we said that if Rosie the Riveter can build a bomber, you can make a fire? Well, this time we’re telling you that if Michelangelo could paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, you can paint an egg or six.

Look at these Easter beauties. You know you want to paint a basketful just like these, and we promise it will be pretty easy.


These swirly, marbled eggs are beautiful and you’ll look very clever when you tell everyone you made them.

You’ll need:

hard-boiled eggs (preferably pale or white ones) + blue nail varnish

nail varnish remover

a plastic ice cream container

a stirring stick + rubber gloves

For drying the eggs: 4 pins and a piece of foam.

Dip the egg into a stirred mixture of nail varnish (just a few drops) and 3 cups of water, which must be room temperature, not cold. Use gloves!

Dry the eggs on the tip of the pins stuck into the foam. Let them dry thoroughly before handling.

You know you want to paint a basketful just like these.


You can use any colour – but indigo blue is great.

Follow this link.


You’ll need:


candle wicks

melting wax

Poke a small hole at either end of the eggs and blow gently into one hole until the inside comes out the other end. At one end, crack the egg until there is a larger hole. Melt the wax. Place the egg in an egg cup. Hold the wick in the egg and slowly pour the wax mixture into the egg until about a 1/4 inch from the top and hold the wick until the wax begins to harden. Cut the wick so that it’s about 2cm from the top of the egg.

Follow this link.

All images by Sara Albers. 


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