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Not wasting is one of our favourite things. In a world of disposable everything, it’s the coolest thing seeing shopping bags being used again and again, and gift ribbons making an appearance on birthday presents after the excess of Christmas is long over.

Anyone had a granny who kept a drawer of lovely giftwrap and ribbon, ready to live a second life on another gift? She was a cool ouma. And that same on-trend ouma probably also rinsed and stored jam and chutney jars, to bottle her own salad dressings and pickles.

Here’s another thing. Recycling organic waste. Veg and fruit peelings, coffee grounds and old newspaper are the starting point for making the most sensational garden soil – as compost to make your dahlia beds and tomato bushes yield the best show south of West End.

It’s as easy as ripping a peel off a banana. Start by making sure you have a peels basin (with a lid, please) close by. Make sure it’s always in the same place (do what you must to ensure compliance from the crowd), and off you go. When it’s full, tip it into a bigger composting bin outside. Repeat. Your garden will love you for it.

What can be composted?

kitchen scraps
raw fruits
egg shells
coffee grounds
newspapers, non-glossy cardboard, paper towels
leaves (brown for carbon and green for nitrogen rich)
grass clippings
plant flower clippings

What can’t be composted?

dairy products
processed foods
man-made substances

Content courtesy of 1001 Gardens.

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