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Equinox means one thing: time to warm up.


Last night, on the 20th March, a big annual planetary thing happened: the autumn equinox, which is when day and night are almost the same duration. From today, the nights will feel longer, and the days shorter. Winter is definitely knocking on the door.

Pity the unfortunate citizens of the Maldives, living right on the equator, where days and nights are pretty much the same duration all year because the sun’s always close. How boring.

You, however, are going to have fun getting out the heaters, the heavy duvets, the soup pots and the bed socks. There are literally hundreds of ways to keep your home warm, after this equinox event, without using too much electricity.

Here are just a few:

Switch your ceiling fans so they move in a clockwise direction, pushing hot air along the ceiling and down towards the floor. This really works!

Use a draught guard to prevent cold air sneaking in under the door. (Oh, and do keep that door closed.)

Winter is definitely

knocking on the door.

Repair window cracks and ill-fitting windows that don’t close properly.

If you don’t use your fireplace for heating, remember it can be a source of heat loss. You can temporarily plug it up with a chimney balloon – a pillow shaped blocker – to keep out drafts. Just don’t forget it’s there and light a fire.

Use heavier, thicker curtains, and close them before sunset – it really keeps warmth in.

Have a hot bath or shower before bed. And slip a hot water bottle into your bed before you turn in. You’ll be warm enough to go without a heater or electric blanket.

Also, cuddle.

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