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Things to look forward to: 8 reasons to love autumn


You get dog people, and you get cat people. You get summer heat people, and you get the chill-lovers.

But it’s nearing the end of summer now, so without further ado, here are …

8 Reasons To Love Autumn

No-sweat cuddling. When you’re hot and sweaty, you don’t want hugs from someone else who’s in the same condition. But it’s autumn now – and baby it’s going to get cold outside, so that’s just perfect.

Get to bed early. Discover the bed-nest, and get into it as soon as you’re done with the business of the day. Read, write, watch a movie, then doze off. You deserve it.

It’s book time. Confess: You have a pile of books you bought in summer that you didn’t read on the beach, because who reads on a beach anyway? It’s time to dive into that pile.

It’s soup time. You haven’t made a nice, thick soup since when? Last August? Soup’s back, and it’s so easy. Get chopping.

You get summer people,
and you get chill-lovers.

It’s walking-to-warm-up time. Don’t hibernate – oxygenate. Put on layers and take a fast walk or a run in the cool morning air. You won’t be cold for long.

It’s fire time. If you have a fireplace? Use it. If you don’t, take an armful of wood to a friend who does. Take a board game too, and let them beat you.

It’s making stuff time. Do some inside stuff that the season is perfect for. Knit something, sew something, glue something or nail something onto something. Make a cushion cover or a photo album. Discover how impressive you can be with your hands.

Warm up someone else. Can you believe you still haven’t thrown out those old pullovers you didn’t wear once last winter? Fill a bag with some of those, and take them to a homeless shelter.


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