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Let’s fall for the season of gold.


There are some things about the USA that we’re not envious of. Like the fact that in the average American supermarket, there are about 36 different brands of peanut butter, which makes shopping very complicated.

Also, you can live six whole time zones away from other Americans, which is just wrong. But autumn – we’re envious of autumn, which they call fall, maybe because it’s easier to spell. Why can’t we have millions of leaves in thousands of colours falling from our trees?

Because you have giraffes and lions and ostriches and dung beetles, you spoilt people. They’re more exciting than dead leaves. Yes, we do like our exotic wildlife, but we’d still love to have our very own dead leaf extravaganza every autumn.

Some Autumn/Fall Did-You-Knows.

The Harvest Season.

Did you know? The season we now call autumn was originally called “Harvest” because, well, guess why.

Leaf Peeping

Fall in the USA means big bucks for the hospitality industry, with the fall foliage luring millions of visitors, called leaf peepers. The northeastern states like New Hampshire and Connecticut are popular destinations.

Why Fall?

The word fall comes from the Old English word feallan which means “to fall or die.” The English used it, and it’s still used in the USA, while back in many English-speaking countries it’s now called autumn.

The Poet’s Season

Falling leaves and chilly days have inspired great poetry. So read some lovely autumn-themed poems here.

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