Life made simple

Quick. Grab your tent. Go.


It’s March. Oh dear, summer’s over.

Actually no, it’s not. Have you forgotten the last heat waves of last year? Yep, they were in March. So many parts of our country have the best, sunniest weather right at the end of the season.

Are we lucky or what? It’s not too late to do all those summer things you were planning to do, but didn’t – or didn’t do nearly enough of.

Don’t pack away the beach towels and swimsuits yet. Keep swimming. That water’s still warm enough (Unless you’re heading for Clifton or Camps Bay.)

Throw together a family picnic and find the spot you’ve been meaning to go back to. It’s waiting for you.

Even if it’s for one night,
do it.

Don’t stop the weekend evening braais or the al fresco suppers. Keep up the morning hikes, and the beach walks.

And don’t pack away the camping gear, either. Here’s a list of the best campsites in the country. Even if it’s for one night, do it. weekend-breaks/best-campsites-south-africa/

Make a few more summer memories and have a few more weeks of fun. There’s still time.


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