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The best way to keep the holiday feeling alive? Eat out.

How lucky are we to live where we live?

Very, very. Summer doesn’t get any better than down here at the pointy end of Africa, in late January. It’s just our good luck that for us, new year and back-to-school and back-to-work January happen in midsummer, not bang in the middle of an icy winter.

But once the holidays are over, we seem to forget the great outdoor fun times we had. Here’s the thing: holidays may be over, but it’s still summer. And there’s an easy way to keep the holiday feeling alive:  Get out there and eat under the stars – or al fresco – whenever you can.  (Oh, we all know, al fresco is just fancy Italian for outside, ‘in the fresh air.’  Italy thinks it invented picnics. Just play along.)

Whatever you’ve made for supper, take it outside, into your garden. Serve dinner on a big blanket on the lawn while the summer sun goes down. Light a hurricane lamp – also known in our part of the world as a gentle breeze lamp.

Even if your under-the-stars happy place is the smallest garden or patio, it’s going to make dinner more special, weekday evenings more holiday-ish, and January less January-ish.

Buon appetito!


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