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The quickest summer dessert: Eton mess or Cambridge melon boats?


A ‘messy’ fruit  dessert named after a posh English school? Apparently it was originally served in the Eton tuck shop, hence the name.

This dessert not only looks great, it’s also really quick and easy. It’s really just a happy mash-up of strawberries and whatever other berries you fancy, with whipped cream, and broken meringues.

This recipe also adds Greek yoghurt, but don’t fuss if you don’t have it.

Eton really doesn’t have that many rules, apparently.

You can also add a dash of port or sherry for extra fun, or use sliced bananas or pieces of pineapple. Eton really doesn’t have that many rules, apparently. We like that. So if you can’t find berries at your local supermarket, slice up some watermelon as in the image above, sprinkle with caster sugar and scatter with fresh mint. (And don’t forget to call it something posh.)

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