Life in the kitchen

Keep the giving going.


This is usually the month of big family gatherings. Often that means lots of great food leftovers.

In the spirit of the season, we think it’s a great idea to share the love, and not let your leftovers loll in the fridge for too long. Especially when there are many who have had much less of a feast, this season.

After your festive dinner, make up a food goody bag or basket – add some cold drinks, a fresh loaf of bread or some muffins, and tie it all up in a blanket or anything else you feel you’d like to give.

Pass on your season’s kindest greetings.

If you look in your local directory, you’ll find homeless shelters in your area. Or if there are any street people who you regularly support, go and find them. Give them your season’s kindest greetings. We know it’ll hit the spot.

It doesn’t take much to spread the joy. Just a bit of thoughtfulness.


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