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Three great new party tricks.

New ideas for party snacks.

The sunny warmer weather means more entertaining, more summery drinks outdoors, with lighter meals and snacks. When you’re the one doing the entertaining, it can be quite hard work. So how do you serve yummy snacks for a summer party that aren’t the same old chips and dips, pickles and peanuts as last year and the year before?

Here are three new crowd pleasers. We dare you.


Frozen grapes – yes they’re a thing. You can freeze them to chill your white wine, if you like, but for the grownups, how about prosecco grapes as a snack? Start by skewering grapes of any colour and place them in a dish. Pour over prosecco and vodka, rum or tequila, then soak them for about an hour. Drain the grapes (you can keep the liquor aside) and then freeze them. Recipe here.

We dare you.


Toast some olive oil-drizzed baguette slices, then top these with a mix of ricotta, salt, pepper and olive oil, then add sliced strawberries. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar and chopped basil. Recipe here.


Here’s a recipe that we think Elvis would have loved. Bacon with chocolate? And peanut butter? Well, yes, it’s very American, so the rules fall away, okay?

This recipe involves bacon threaded onto skewers, baked crispy in a hot oven, then drizzled with melted chocolate and peanut butter. Is this a starter ? Is this dessert? Who knows? Try it and see.

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