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Who doesn’t love a kitchen gadget?


Kitchen gadgets are a very personal thing. Some people can’t live without their famous name smoothie maker, or their waffle machine. Here at Natures Garden, we’re kitchen gadget lovers. Of course, the problem with buying too many is you can’t find the one you need, when you need it. So choose yours wisely – get just the ones that will really work for you. (Do you really need a banana slicer?)

Here are some must-haves:

Kitchen gadgets are a hot topic around here. Our cuisine gadget consultant and salad expert says the best kitchen tool she’s ever bought is a mandoline, which is a not a musical instrument but a very clever ‘veggie and fruit slicer thingy.’

“This compact little genius makes salads look amazing,” she says, “I love the way it juliennes or thinly slices things like radishes and carrots. And it’s got several cutting options so I use the different cutting blades for different thicknesses.”

Now, this may sound obvious, but your BEST friend in the kitchen is a set of good knives. (Ask any chef.) And we have to add, a good knife isn’t a gadget – it’s an essential.

Here at Natures Garden, we’re kitchen gadget lovers.


Perhaps you’ve been cutting tomatoes or carrots with a bread knife for so long that you’ve forgotten the surgically sharp smoothness of a finely serrated knife as it glides through chunky raw veggies with elegant ease.

You can buy the really expensive professional ones, but Victorinox has a range of excellent mid-priced knives that will take so much of the hard work out of prepping your meals. Find them here at yuppiechef.  We’re sure you’ll find many more must-haves there. Or should we say lust-haves?

Our gadget expert has also reminded us that a good old Verimark Twista is a great help if you’re chopping a lot of anything – especially onions.

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