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September is Heritage Month – but you knew that. This makes us ask ourselves: What food is part of our heritage? What food is as South African to Saffers as noodles are to the Chinese, or haggis is to the Scots?

We do have some really distinctive South African heritage dishes, but here are four of the best. And here’s a suggestion for Heritage Month: If you’ve never tried one of these recipes, give it a go. Cook something you’ve never cooked before, and you’ll earn your Real South African badge.

Let’s start with bobotie. It’s a sweet and spicy Cape favourite with its historic roots in the Indonesian-based cooking of the early Cape Malay community, dating back to the 17th Century.

Nothing says Durban like a Durban curry. Durban curry – that’s code for hot curry, okay? Hotter than any curry they dish up in Cape Town or Johannesburg.

What food is part
of our heritage?

But it’s spicy and tasty, too. So brace your taste buds and give it a try.

Milk tart or melktert is found all over South Africa, in cafes and coffee shops, church bazaars and cake sales, as well as the poshest 5 star high tea venues. Nobody doesn’t love it – which is why we think you should learn to make it without further delay.

And what about rusks, the great South African coffee companion dip-snack? Yes, you can buy them, but what a triumph it is when you get to say: “ Oh, I made these. They were easy. You’re welcome.”

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