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Crunchier, lighter meals - welcome back!


Spring food. We’ve all been waiting for it, haven’t we? Now that most of winter is over, we don’t feel in the mood for so many of those warming stews and thick soups. What tastes better, this time of the year, is lighter, crunchier meals, nothing too hot or heavy, and with less cooking involved.

Some fresh, crunchy salad ideas would be great, and here’s a salad combo that’s hard to beat: Celery and apple. This salad uses Greek yoghurt instead of mayonnaise, and it’s a delicious alternative. Give it a try.

Celery apple salad recipe.

We also count Vietnamese crunchiness as a key munchie on our Spring food favourites list.

A wonderfully light, crunchy favourite is Vietnamese fresh (i.e. not fried) spring rolls. They’re done using rice paper rolled around finely chopped, fresh veggies, with or without cooked meat,

Give crunch a go.

(traditionally often chicken, prawn or pork) then dipped in sauce. They’re fun to make, and once you’ve used the recipe, you can improvise, adding whatever you think goes well inside the roll.

Vietnamese crystal rolls recipe.

Chickpea: high protein snack perfection.

Here’s a fresh take on chickpeas. (Did you know, they’re called ‘garbanzo’ beans in the USA? We can’t explain it.) This recipe for baked chickpeas uses tinned chickpeas, drained then oven-baked with paprika, cumin and curry powder – but you can spice them up your way.

Enjoy the season’s best offerings.


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