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Win a NutriBullet. Kitchen fashion: these are the must-haves.


Can we ever have too many kitchen gadgets and accessories?
The answer has always been a big NO, because there are always so many new ones that are cool, well designed, and ingenious.

The best kitchen gadgets make you feel really good about being in the kitchen. So we’ve created a Six Of The Best list.

1.Spiralisers and mandolins are at the top of our list. This little guy will make you look like a kitchen genius, as you spiralise everything from baby marrow to butternut and carrots, producing a fresh alternative to noodles.

A mandoline is what you’ll use for cutting or slicing fruits and veggies. You slide the vegetable or fruit along the surface blade and it allows you to slice the food quickly, uniformly, and much thinner than if you were using a knife. With a mandoline, it’s really easy to make zucchini pasta. It comes with different blades for different lengths and thicknesses.

2. A leather apron. Yes, leather. You no longer need to be a blacksmith or a welder to rock a leather apron. Wear one of these and tell the world: This is MY kitchen. I am the leather apron-wearing boss of this kitchen. Behold my kitchen-boss-ness. Of course, then you’ll have to prove that you have a Nigella or a Nigel Slater in you. But you can do it.

Looking for one? They’re rare, but try the Montebello Craft Shop in Cape Town or – men’s accessories.

3. NutriBullet.  It’s a covetable one, this amazingly powerful piece of equipment.

Hurry up already and WIN this

Nutribullet, smoothie-lovers.

“More than just a high-speed blender, the NutriBullet breaks down whole fruits and veggies to extract the maximum nutrition from your food, and is ideal for health-conscious individuals looking to fuel their exceptionally busy lives.” (

With your Bullet, you’ll be making lots of winter smoothies packed with Vitamin C.

We put this bang in the middle because we didn’t want you to all shout at once. And we have only one that can be won. Hurry up already, smoothie-lovers.

How to win one? Follow Natures Garden and Emmajanenation on Instagram. Share this image. Comment, telling us why you need a Nutribullet in your life.

4. A pocket of oranges hanging on a hook behind the door. Seriously. They’re cheap, and you can make your own juice. No fancy juicers – just an ordinary hand citrus squeezer.

5. Candles. In the kitchen? Yes, why not? It makes winter evenings cosier and prettier. And because Hygge says so.

6. Brass and bronze cutlery. They’re the new big thing in tableware, and they’re really pretty. Have a look at – we know you’ll love them.

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