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Chips. The cure for a long week.


Chips. Gotta love ’em. It’s been a crazy week, and you’re tired. The traffic on the way home was torture, the house is messy, and you think maybe you’re getting a cold.

But the good news is it’s Friday, and at least you’re home.  No more pressure or deadlines, and no clients, customers, emails or complaints for two whole days.

You made it through the week, and that means you deserve a medal. If no medals find their way to your chest, there’s always a plate of chips. You deserve a treat of crispy, hot, chips. Oven chips, not the ones you have to deep fry in oil; those will just mean more mess.

You also deserve some dips and sauces with those beautiful chips. Tomato sauce? That’s fine, if you want to stick with what you know. But how about a peri- peri and mayonnaise mix? Or sour cream with chopped chives? Honey mustard sauce? Honey barbeque sauce? Chutney mayo mix? Or – wait for it – tzatziki. It really works. Try it.

You and your chips and dips should now find a comfortable place, befitting your status as a Monday-to-Friday warrior: we recommend a sofa with plenty of cushions and a big blanket or duvet, or a bed.

The fourth thing you deserve is a wonderful movie or series to watch from the comfort of your sofa or bed.

Try something a little exotic. A series called Trapped is murder mystery set in Iceland, where a small fishing town is snowed in, and a murderer stalks the local community.

You deserve a plate of crispy, hot chips.

Or for something totally and delightfully different, revisit an older movie: Julie and Julia – a ‘foodie’ movie about a food blogger called Julie, who cooks all 524 recipes from Julia Child’s classic recipe book.

Here’s an easy Garlic Aïoli recipe via Taste Magazine


2 free-range egg yolks
1⁄2 t mustard
3 t white wine vinegar


Place the egg yolks, mustard, vinegar, garlic and salt into a bowl and whisk well.

Gradually pour in the oil, a drop at a time at first. Once about half the oil has been added, pour it in a little quicker until well emulsified. Check the seasoning. Store in an airtight jar in the fridge.

Cook’s note: If you have a stick blender, blitz instead of whisking. If the aïoli becomes too thick, add a little warm water.

Relax, switch off your phone, and enjoy.

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