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The Roast with the Most.


The problem with Monday is that for so many people, it starts on Sunday.

“Oh no,” they groan, these glass-half-empty people, “It’s MONDAY tomorrow. “

And then they announce that the gloomy ‘Sunday feeling’ has set in. And suddenly, everyone’s gloomy.

Yes, it may be Monday tomorrow, but it’s Sunday today – all day!

Let’s rewind to the days when Sunday was glorious because it meant quiet, no stress, feet up on the sofa, and a long, lazy Sunday lunch.

Sometimes a braai, but often a roast.

Everyone remembers the glorious aroma of the Sunday roast, whether it was lamb, chicken, pork, or beef . (Why is perfume made from flowers and not the fabulous fragrance of that roast? Surely we’d be utterly irresistible if we smelt of minty lamb and home made gravy? Just a thought.)

Start with a simple one, like roast chicken.

Everyone’s mom or gran made the BEST crunchy, golden roast potatoes and minty peas. And everyone remembers feeling delightfully full and sleepy after it was over.

So let’s go back there and do some wonderful family Sunday lunches. With the summer parties and socializing slowing down, winter’s the perfect time for getting the family around a table.

If you’re a beginner, get some really good, easy recipes here, from Jamie Oliver. Start with a simple one, like roast chicken.

Remember the garlic and rosemary – or whatever herbs or spices you like for your favourite roast. Remember a good bottle of whatever you like to drink. Remember to leave time for a good old Sunday nap afterwards. And remember to take it easy.


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