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Fashion Plates: What's Hot and Cool in Food Now?


We love food trends, because they make so much more sense than fashion trends. An expensive fashion item, once it’s no longer cool, gets to languish in your wardrobe gathering dust, too sad and not this-season enough to be worn, even though it’s in perfectly good shape.

But food trends – well, they get eaten, so there’s no waste. You try incorporating a forgotten pair of Ug boots into a taco. Even thinly sliced, it just doesn’t work.

So what’s hot right now, food wise? Here are a few things we think are tasty.

Plant-based food is cool. Vegan is now so cool it’s in danger of becoming mainstream. But if that happens, will it still be cool? Surely not. (It’s so confusing!) But seriously, if you’re not too attached to meat and dairy, consider a plant-based diet. It’s healthy, clean eating for a cleaner conscience and a kinder planet. And no, it’s not boring or bland! Check out The Healing Root here.

Foraging is still one of the biggest food trends – especially when it’s mushroom season. If you’re lucky enough to live near foresty places, go mushroom-picking. There are some giant porcinis to be had – and they’re free. (As opposed to pretty pricey in the supermarket or deli.) Just do your homework and make sure what you’re eating is edible. Here’s a handy website to help you.

Plant-based food is cool. Vegan is now so cool it’s in danger of becoming mainstream.

Food trucks have been with us for a while, but they’re still fun – and a great idea for catering at private parties and events. Want to splash out on a food truck, and get the food to come to you? Find some of South Africa’s best food trucks here.

And what about the poké bowl? It’s big. We mean big as in people are loving the poké bowl.

Firstly, it’s pronounced po-keh – okay? It’s Hawaiian, and is essentially a fish dish that’s a deconstructed sushi, with raw tuna, plus rice, veggies, beans, seeds, mushrooms, with a spicy or hot sauce. Throw in your favourites: peas and roasted cauliflower maybe?

Go here for some cool poké bowl ideas. And if you live in Cape Town, we recommend a pop-in to Hokey Poké on Church Street in the city – it’s SA’s first dedicated poké restaurant.

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