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The Gentle Art of Padkos.


Who remembers the days of roadside padkos lunch? Anyone? In those brave, pioneering years before the arrival of the big, shiny, fast-food oasis on the highway, you had to take your own packed padkos if you wanted to survive a holiday road trip in comfort. It was tough, yet good. You’d stop for lunch on the side of the road, at one of those green concrete picnic tables, somewhere on the way to Graaff Reinet, or Oudtshoorn.


Mom would unpack a big old Tupperware lunch box under the swishing bluegum trees, and you’d watch lorries thunder past as you stretched your stiff calves. Then you’d drink milky tea poured from a tartan Thermos flask and eat chicken and chutney sandwiches, and warm little naartjies.

These days, we all fill ourselves up at the bustling, fast food restaurants in the middle of nowhere.

The problem is, they’re often packed to bursting with fellow travelers, in which case you may feel the nostalgic lure of the quiet bluegum shade and your own homemade lunch. So do it – but do it right.

Something eggy topped with something fishy in a warm container isn’t a fragrant idea.



A roadtripper we know confessed that, in a moment of silliness before a journey, she made devilled eggs, topped them with fish roe, and instantly regretted that decision when she unsealed the container in the car. Something eggy topped with something fishy in a warm container isn’t a fragrant idea.

Freshly made wraps are clever, though. Stuff them with your favourite fillings, and don’t forget the crunchy stuff: lettuce, sprouts, red onion, cucumber. Wrap them in cling film and store in a iced-up cooler box with fresh juices. Then hit the road, and look out for the highway picnic stops.


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