Explore hygge and embrace the Danish art of living, all year long.


Take a me-weekend, bake a new recipe, treat yourself with hot drinks like cocoa and mulled wine – hygge is a wonderful thing, and there are so many cosy ways to ‘hyggefy’ your life all year round. Here are some great suggestions – adapted from an article via Popsugar.

Toward the end of 2016, the world fell head over fuzzy-sock-clad-heels for the Danish concept of hygge, a lifestyle movement that celebrates warmth, kinship, and cosiness. Like most good things, hygge shows no sign of slowing down — it’s set to become an even more popular form of self-care in 2017. During a turbulent period of political change, challenging headlines, and cultural division, it’s more important than ever to emphasise the importance of harmonious, happy home life, as a way of life.

In ‘The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living’, Meik Wiking (author and CEO of the Happiness Research Institute) breaks down the concept of hygge into a simple, 10-part manifesto.

Atmosphere, presence, pleasure, equality, gratitude, harmony, comfort, truce, togetherness, and shelter are the pillars of hygge, writes Wiking; he also emphasises that the lifestyle is not just for cold weather but something to practice year-round.

Keeping in mind this idea of hygge-fying our lives all year long, we’ve created a 12-month hygge challenge that incorporates each of the 10 pillars of Wiking’s “Hygge Manifesto.” No matter how 2017 unfolds, we’ll always have hygge.

JANUARY — Leave Your Holiday String Lights Up

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of hygge — the softer and warmer, the better. Instead of taking down your holiday lights, leave strands of magical fairy twinkles hanging inside your home and opt to use them instead of bright overhead lighting.

MARCH — Live by Candlelight

“There is no faster way to get to hygge than to light a few candles,” purports The Little Book of Hygge. Danes light candles everywhere — classrooms, homes, and even at the office — with more than half reporting that they light candles every day.

So make like the Danish and live your life by candlelight, choosing to light wicks rather than switches.


No matter what happens in 2017, we’ll always have hygge.

MAY — Treat Your Feet

Boost your stores of fluffy socks and keep your feet toasty around the house — snuggly feet are happy feet!

JULY — Write a Thank-You Note to Somebody Who Changed Your Life

In keeping with the hygge cornerstone of gratitude, spend time in July expressing your thanks to somebody who has influenced your life. Write a thank-you note (or more than one) this month and express why you’re thankful for their help in your life.

OCTOBER — Designate Your “Hyggekrog” Nook

A hyggekrog, which Wiking says translates roughly to “a nook,” is a cosy space in one’s home where you feel totally comfortable curling up with a book or cup of coffee. Fill your hyggekrog with soft lighting and warm blankets. Creating a small space that’s comfortable and totally yours is vital to the hygge lifestyle.

DECEMBER — Open Your Home to Somebody New For the Holidays

Perhaps the most important elements of hygge are togetherness and shelter, so welcome somebody else into the hygge fold of your life as a celebration of all you’ve accomplished during the year. If you find out a friend is spending the holiday season alone, invite them to spend time with you.

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