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Loving Broccoli. Say it with florets.

Why, oh why do flowers get all the praise?

“I think the carrot infinitely more fascinating than the geranium,” says Monty, the rotund yet fabulous uncle of young Withnail, who declares his love of veggies in preference over flowers in the movie classic Withnail and I.

Which makes us ask, in this month of romance: Why, oh why do flowers get all the praise? Can’t the other growing things have some loving too? Why just the flowers?

Yes, we know why. Flowers smell pretty, that’s why. And yes, they often look pretty, too.

But if we’re talking prettiness, consider the majestic symmetry

of the armour-plated artichoke, and the luscious, gleaming red pepper. Gaze upon the fascinating, wrinkled green artwork of the savoy cabbage. The mesmerising folds and tight little squiggles of a red cabbage. And our favourite, the beautiful broccoli. A tiny, tight forest of little trees you can steam till they’re just al dente, then drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice.

Yes, that’s what makes veggies more loveable. They’re not just pretty, they’re pretty delicious. Next time you’re peckish, see how far you get with a plate of chrysanthemums, then steam up some voluptuous veggies, add something new – herbs, spices, oils or drizzles – and fall in love again.

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