Life made simple

Another year. Another first day of the rest of forever.

New Year celebrations are an odd thing. Ten seconds before midnight, we count down the last few seconds of the year, then there’s the cheering and the bursting open of bubbly, followed by lots of obligatory kissing, mostly of people we don’t really want to kiss.

Then come the New Year resolutions.

“Starting 1st January, I will run 4 km EVERY morning. ”


“I will cut all sugar from my diet. All of it. Not one grain shall pass my lips.”


“I won’t nag anyone in my family, ever again. From now on, I am the Queen of Serene.”


How could any of these well-intentioned resolutions possibly go wrong?

The thing is, the date may have changed, but the flip of a calendar page doesn’t make you any different.  You’re still the same delightfully human person. Which means that three days after your solemn New Year vows, you’ll cave in and inhale a doughnut or three, or you’ll sleep in because it’s raining, and only crazies run in the rain, correct?

So this year, make it a New Year evolution, not a resolution. Resolve to change or improve gradually.

Be realistic, and go easy on yourself.  Because the TV commercials are right. You ARE worth it.

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