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What's the smell of African rain?


African fragrances, your time has come. Last week we posted about perfume, and why ladies are supposed to smell like they’ve just taken an afternoon nap in a flowerbed, while blokes should smell like they’ve been chopping logs for firewood, riding horses through forests and cutting grass.

Now we’d like to introduce you to a distinctly African idea of fragrance. Our continent is a less abundantly flowery place, but our indigenous plants result in exotic, heady fragrances that are uniquely and wonderfully African.

Created by local perfume maker Tammy Frazer, the Frazer Parfum’s African Collection uses gorgeous local essences.

There are six African fragrances in the collection, each inspired by perfume raw materials sourced in Africa, and all handmade by leading African artisans. They capture the spirit of Africa’s different climes: the rich grassland florals, the woody notes of the forests, and the subtle resins of the desert regions.

There’s African Soliflore Jasmine, African Soliflore Orange Blossom, African Soliflore Rose, African Soliflore Ylang Ylang, Namibia, and After The Rains.

Now we’d like to introduce
you to a distinctly African
idea of fragrance.

From the website:

“After The Rains is sweet and green, notable for its profound link to nature. The fragrance commences with cucumber, basil and black pepper. The heart is introduced with lime, then mandarin and grapefruit. Further opening sees magnolia and orange blossom – an ode to tropical sweet rains. Drying on the skin, the lasting effect is of sandalwood and violet leaf.”
Sounds delicious.

We love these African fragrances, and we love this example of how a local company is championing the craft, the development of skill and natural heritage in our country and on our continent.

Take a look at this inspired collection here.

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